You can.

Never thought years ago I'd be doing what I love full time. I worked a corporate 9-5, wore a suit and tie (that didn't last long), and tried to find my place at a company that I didn't quite feel at peace with. I used to see all of my peers who were flying around the world, seeing new things and meeting amazing people - all whilst doing what invigorated them the most. I'd research countless articles about people who quit their jobs to pursue their careers to pursue their purpose and always thought - one day, that'll be me, one day I'll become that brave, one day..

Now I do just that. I fly and travel to many places and meet so many new, talented people that I'm grateful to create for. So to anyone who's ever gave a damn, encouragement, discouragement, and everything in between - I thank you and I'm beyond grateful.

To everyone who wants to fulfill their purpose- you can.

Photo by James Lindsey