Momentum is everything.

Momentum is everything. There's a lot of times where business gets slow, or you receive work that's difficult to ignite the creative spark you need. You don't have to believe in God or be in tune with the universe - but acknowledging, protecting and taking advantage of momentum is vital to surviving as an entrepreneur. As a director/filmmaker - I only obtain more work if I release dope work, so the busier I am, the busier I become. With only being one person 99% of the time, I have to be selective about who I choose to work with. I have to select jobs that will showcase my best abilities and bring out new energy. But sometimes, no matter how small, or under budget the project is, I'll take it. Why? Because everything goes toward building momentum - for your brand and reputation. You never know which job is going to place you in front of the right people at the right time. You have to treat every job like it's a million dollar project. Get that extra take, try that new technique, stay positive, lead by example and show no fear.. And I promise you that in time, you're going to be so overwhelmed with offers you can't stand it. Beware of being around others who don't match your current momentum. Energy is transferable, and it's hard to keep moving forward and keeping up the pace around negative and unmotivated people. Not everyone is meant to share your blessings and support you - not everyone is there for that. So for the love all things positive, yourself and your passion - at all costs, protect your momentum.