Just DO IT!!!

Never go backwards. Don't give up an inch, don't regress and don't look back - not even for a second. I left this office back in July of last year - and I've been blazing my own path since. Sometimes I miss the people I worked with, I miss the lessons that shaped me into the person I am, and sometimes I reminisce about the security and stability my career had given me. As I flew out to LAX this morning, I looked out of my window in the vast sky of hope, uncertainty and dreams. The entrepreneurial path isn't for everyone - but if there's any ounce of passion inside you to step outside your comfort zone and follow that one thing that makes you happy, you better do it. I used to look out of these windows and be so envious of my friends, mentors and peers who were traveling the world - seeing exciting things and meeting new people. I don't know if I'll ever reach the level of success I'm working towards, but I know for a fact if I died today, I'd die as a man content in knowing that I did it all to the fullest and without any reserve. If you never like or read another status I post, for God's sake, stop fucking around and do what you want to do. JUST DO IT!!!!!