What plan?

Sometimes in what I do, there isn't always a clear cut, defined plan for any given project. I think in directing, especially music videos - if you're the type of person that requires order and organization with every project, you're going to eventually pull your hair out. I can't tell you how many situations I've stepped in or directed that had no clear vision, or the vision we had clearly wasn't going to work. I think it's moments such as those that define what type of director you are. It defines your reputation and how much trust clients confide in you that you're still going to provide a quality project at the end of it all. In a culture where we are obsessed with the end result, directing doesn't mature you at the very end of it all, it refines you in the process. That same mentality also applies for photography. Everyone's a photographer or a videographer until they're dealing with a less than ideal situation that's outside of their comfort zone.