Branding is everything.

Since I began directing and filming, I've seen so many changes in everything from best practices, to style trends and the newest technology. Entry to market is so low, everyone is rushing to dig up their old DSLR's and ordering the newest Sony gear with their Amazon Prime accounts - all to jump into this new era of digital filmmaking and photography.

While the journey is exciting and those same enthusiasts fall in love, many times their brand is an afterthought compared to other items they could invest in. I always tell new shooters the most important thing one could do is shoot as much as they can, find what they love and make that their niche. 

A concentrated, high level portfolio is always better than a random assortment of subjects and growth - it often confuses and frustrates potential clients. But branding is a powerful asset - allowing one to not only create and leave their own legacy in this huge world of creativity, but also having the ability to say no to jobs that wouldn't add any value to your portfolio.  

As I was sipping my coffee this morning, I was reminded how awesome Starbucks is when you consider the strength of their brand. The most important aspect of Starbucks isn't their association with their beloved coffee and foods - but that they're connected strongly with productivity. Just like Apple is connected to lifestyle - this perspective on branding is genius and beautiful in design. Your brand should transcend your product. It should be associated with a universal quality that everyone can identify with. So just as Apple promotes a lifestyle, and Starbucks promotes productivity, my brand represents passion - one of the strongest emotions of the human condition. What does your brand represent?